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AWavez – a different voice

AWavez started composing and recording music 2021 and has released over 30 songs after two years, 16 during 2022. From less than 300 listeners 2021, during 2022 he had more than 100,000 listeners and 300,000 plays of his songs.

His is a different voice. His music is very personal, he works mostly alone and stays anonymous except for his songs. He moves between music genres and styles, mostly rock, pop with touches of house and techno.

The lyrics of his music are often special. A serious subject is treated in a joking and/or political way or the lyrics are poems in their own right. Even the love songs can have an unusual take on relationships.

For example, how many artists write and sing about vaccination? (Vaxi Nation), Warning against apathy in front of the political threat of China and Russia? (Stone Cold Chiller) Fight for democracy? (New Game) The history of modern physics? (Glorious) Threatening dictators with retribution? (Dictators Beware) How to finance a startup company? (Unicorn) David Bowie? (Tribute to David B) The listener making his/her own version of a song? (MakeYourTake Blue Bird album)