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ZombieTime - a zcary zong!
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Song notes
Frightening! Scary! Best Zombie-song? I was in the south of Sweden with some friends and we went into a bric-a-brac shop in a quaint little town. A song was playing which I recognized and liked, but I could not remember the name or the band, so I asked the proprietor lady. She told me it was “Summertime” with The Zombies (written by George Gershwin).
We talked about the song awhile and she said she too liked it very much. Not that long ago I had watched a zombie movie. When we went out from the shop into the street, a thought struck me – Summertime + The Zombies – maybe I should write a song about a time for zombies, ZombieTime ?
I started to write lyrics in my head as we walked along the cobbled stones and in the car I made some notes on my phone.
A couple of months later I started to work on the song and it was finished in the beginning of this year.
The lyrics is written from the perspective of a Zombie and describe how Zombies take over, concentrating on a family with a young girl – really scary stuff!
There are 42 music tracks (and additional control tracks) in the finished song, including 17 vocal tracks, of those nine are synth voices. However, some of the real voice tracks are heavily audio processed – as you can hear!
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A different voice                         
AWavez started composing and recording music 2021. His is a different voice. His music is very personal, he works mostly alone and stays anonymous except for his songs. He moves between music genres, mostly synth pop and rock, with touches of house and techno.
The lyrics of his music are often special. A serious subject is treated in a joking and/or political way or the lyrics are poems in their own right. Even the love songs can have an unusual take on relationships.For example, how many artists write and sing about vaccination? (Vaxi Nation), Warning against apathy in front of the political threat of China and Russia? (Stone Cold Chiller) The history of modern physics? (Glorious) Threatening dictators with retribution? (Dictators Beware) How to finance a startup company? (Unicorn) David Bowie? (Tribute to David B) The listener making his/her own version of a song? (MakeYourTake Blue Bird album)